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What is Windows 10 ISO or Windows 10 Pro ISO Download?

Windows 10 is the apprehension of Microsoft’s big dream to have a single Windows that runs across PC’s, tablets, phones and even the company’s XBOX 1 Console. Right now Windows 10 is mostly about resolving the mess that Microsoft created due to Windows 8. One of the first signs is the return of the start button and is not like the regular one on Windows 7. Instead, Microsoft merged the best aspects of the last two versions of Windows to create a redesigned start menu.

Windows 10 ISO Download

The light hours of Windows 8 remain no longer booted into an entirely different full-screen interface. It has a judicial list of applications, easy access to power options and settings and the ability to resize the menu freely. Windows 10 is a beautiful dark framed which bends it well against laptop screens. If you are not a friend of darkness, then you have plenty of color options to change the look of the start menu and taskbar. It even has a little bit of transparency effects that finish off the look for you. Navigating around Windows 8 was painful with a laptop or P.C, but Windows 10 has improved massively.

Microsoft has removed the annoying hook corner of Windows 8, in its place, there is a new action center that works as a notification center to collect any alerts from apps and put up quick access to a corsage of settings. Snapping apps has been a public feature of Windows and Microsoft just pricked it slightly in Windows 10.

The new snap assist feature makes it a lot easier to allocate what apps are active to snap them side by side. One of the recent inclusion of Microsoft is the task view feature that is a lot like mission control on the Mac. It exhibits all of your open windows in an entirely separate screen, and you can find what you are looking for quickly. Windows 10 is also a gateway to a new virtual desktop feature which is mainly a power user feature used if you want to separate apps on the laptop when you don’t have a lot of screen space.

One of the most remarkable additions to Windows 10 is Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, just like Windows phone equipment with which you can utilize your voice to search or type in questions manually. There is another option to accredit a ‘Hey, Cortana’ feature. It is perfect if you lean back in the office chair and want to fire off emails with your voice, but I find it more useful to demonstrate Cortana to friends and family.  Cortana also has a precise and considerate overview of your day. Cortana also has an extremely robust local search to find your documents on your local hard drive or from the One Drive caps service.

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With a new version of Windows comes to a modern browser called ‘Edge,’ it might be delineated to thrive internet explorer, but it sticks to the past in a number of ways. Edge’s taskbar icon is barely different from the internet explorer to keep it similar for the billions of manifold Windows users. Edge is streamlined, pristine and performs well in most cases.

But a few things are missing and a lack of features that you might expect from a modern browser. Snapping tabs in a separate Windows is messy. Download start automatically with no choice of a folder, and this is not a safe task. Microsoft really started it from a scratch to form an edge, and it shows. Microsoft has nevertheless incorporated a copy of internet explorer in Windows 10 for this very reason.

Edge does have some exciting new features: You could draw all over web pages and send a copy to friends and Cortana repairs to provide you useful information in clever little ways. If you search for something in the search bar like ‘Weather,’, it will immediately show the weather nearby. On some restaurants websites, you will even appear to provide you directions or opening hours. It is not just a neat little trick, but it is useful when you have to search for this necessary information.

Microsoft’s XBOX app for Windows 10 is a fantastic feature in itself. You can stream Xbox one games to a laptop, plug in a controller and play. It works astonishingly well with no lag even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi network. You can use it at home with a local, but it is fun if you want to play XBOX games in another room having no T.V. The XBOX app also has access to XBOX live and the ability to create party chats from your PC to your XBOX one friend. You can use the ‘Screen Recording’ feature to generate game clips, or you can just record the regular apps. It is helpful if you need to shoot screen tutorials.

The most impressive addition is the new strip down, touch-based Office apps. Word/Excel/Powerpoint all are available for free and always a delight to use. They are speedy and straightforward with just enough features for basic editing.

The improved Windows 10 Store has finally combined apps, games, music, movies and T.V. But it still lacks a number of quality applications.

Microsoft has not forgotten about the excellent touch work comparative to Windows 8. The latest tablet mode in Windows 10 aims to preach the full-screen mode of Windows 8 with a traditional way use of Windows P.C. It is perfect for two in one from work from laptops you can easily switch between using a mouse and a keyboard and again into a tablet mode.

Tricks To Speed Up Your Windows 10!

  • POWER OPTIONS: Disable unwanted programs running in your desktop background consuming battery percentage as well as making your processor to slow down.
  • DEFRAGMENT AND OPTIMIZE DRIVES: You can do this by optimizing C Drive.
  • CLEAN UP MEMORY: Go to file explorer and click on C Drive. Right click and go to properties. In general, settings go to ‘Disk Cleanup.’
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: Disable Windows 10 inter graphical performance.

RESTART!  You will find your Windows 10 performance geared up with a remarkable difference.

How to download Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft’s official website.

  • Go to https://www.microsoft.com/, and you will be directed to the official Microsoft’s webpage.
  • By clicking on ‘Download Tool Now‘ option, it will only download the media creation tool, and you won’t be able to download ISO file from here and additionally it will take a lot of time to download
  • Right click and go to ‘Inspect’ element.
  • Toggle device toolbar’ will appear, click on it. The mobile/tablet view of Windows 10 will appear.
  • Once you have created the mobile mode, reload the website.
  • After reloading, you will see the ‘Select Edition’ option. Select your required edition.
  • You will notice that the previously occurring ‘Update’ and ‘Download Tool Now’ options have disappeared.
  • Click on ‘Confirm,’ and validation will begin.
  • Choose the product language according to your respective country and click on ‘Confirm’ again.
  • Now is the tricky version. Before selecting the 64-bit or 32-bit versions of Windows 10 you need to check your system type. For that, you need to open ‘This PC,‘ right click and go to ‘Properties.‘ All the details regarding your computer will be displayed.
  • Now click on the version that is compatible with your computer’s system type. This will generate the IOS file.
  • Click on it and install or you can also use the internet download manager to download it super quickly. Don’t download from the Google chrome directly, the download manager is recommended.