Windows 8.1 Product Key Activation Proper Method {April 2019}

Let’s start with the lock screen. Microsoft has turned the lock screen into a beautiful cloud-powered photo frame that brings together pictures from your PC, from your sky drive, and from your phone all into one place.

Windows 8.1 product keys

The ‘Start‘ screen has been redesigned with a couple of new tile sizes with a large tile that can be used for anything including weather, or it can show you a few important emails or your entire day of calendar appointments. It also has a small tile size which lets you create a very efficient ‘Start‘ screen. The all app screen has been improved by Microsoft in Windows 8.1. You can just swipe up the ‘Start‘ screen, and you will be presented with the entire list of apps that you have in your PC. You can sort this list to see your most used apps for instance, or you can sort them by categories such as games, news or maybe you would want to see the most recently installed apps from your store. You can even ‘Pin’ an app by simply pressing it, holding it and choose ‘Pin to Start’ and if you want to rearrange the ‘Start’ screen you can press and hold in the same way. You also can select a few apps at once and move them where you want to. You can also name this group by your choice. By doing this, you can make your ‘Start Screen’ to look just the way you want to.

Microsoft has also added ‘Personalization’ options, you can select your favorite color from a rainbow collection in order to match it with your favorite sports team or just use your favorite color.

Another addition is the new ‘Motion Actions’ that actually follow your finger wherever you drag it by moving in the background with the tail extending down in the ‘All App’ screen. You also have the ability to choose your desired desktop wallpaper right behind start.

The new ‘Search’ feature is absolutely amazing. You can type in any web query, and you will be presented with every information on the internet in a precise yet unusual manner including news, images, links to other queries and actions that you can do directly from here are similar as in a web page. Image search has rich tools that let you do things like choosing which color image you want to bring back or even the size.

It is extremely easy to ‘Multitask’ in Windows 8.1 you can work on 2 or more applications simultaneously by choosing the respective sizes of their windows, you can check your emails and swipe through images at one time.

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How To Speed Up Windows 8.1

  • POWER SAVINGS SETTINGS: Adjust your power savings settings by selecting ‘High Performance‘ instead of ‘Balance (recommended).
  • DEGRAGMENT AND OPTIMIZE DRIVES: Search ‘Defragment drives’ in settings, select Windows 8.1 and optimize.
  • DISABLE UNWANTED STARTUP PROGRAMS: Go to ‘Task Manager’  and select ‘Start-Up‘ . Now select all the unwanted enabled programs and click on disable.
  • CLEAN UP MEMORY AND UNNECESSARY TEMPORARY FILES: You need to the right click on Start button and go to ‘Run.‘ Type in ‘%temp%‘ and enter. Highlight everything in the folder, right click and delete. Right click on ‘Start Button’ again, go to ‘File Explorer,’ right click on ‘Windows8_OS‘, go to properties and click on ‘Disk Clean up‘ to permanently delete files.
  • REDUCE RUN TIME SERVICES: You need to the right click on the Start button and go to ‘Run.‘ Type in ‘msconfig‘ and enter. Click on the ‘Services‘ tab and select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’  and delete these files.

Hidden Features Of Windows 8.1

  • The new ‘Shut Down’ feature that is hidden behind the start icon on the desktop. You can easily shut, sleep or restart your PC without having to deal with any annoying windows 8 model menus.
  • For die heart desktop concerned individuals there are even more advanced options you can get to by opening up a navigation menu in the ‘Task Bar.‘ To do this navigate down to your bottom bar, right click and select ‘Properties.‘  Then pop over the navigation bar, and you will see a lot of cool options you can use to customize Windows 8.1 according to your requirements.
  • There are quite a few cool customization options using which you can access the navigation option menu. For example, you can settle up so that your charmer’s bar no longer pops up on your mouse over the corner of the screen or you can settle up to your PC boots directly to the desktop and skip the start screen entirely.
  • In Windows 8.1 you can pop in your settings on the right side, open your PC settings menu and navigate down to the ‘Sky Drive’ section. There is a new ability if you open up files to have Sky Drive automatically save all your documents and your camera photos to the cloud. That way if your PC crashes or something else happens at least there is a surety that you have a back up stored in your Sky Drive folder, you can turn it OFF as per your requirements. You can change the quality of your photos that are uploaded to your Sky Drive to keep down n space.

Windows 8.1 Product Key Activation

If your pc is running Windows 7 or 8 and you would like to upgrade to Windows 8.1, you don’t have to be compelled to use a product key. However, if your computer is running an associate older version of Windows, you’ll have to be compelled to offer a Windows 8.1 product key.

After the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft received several complaints from users. So, the technical school largest to unleash Windows 8.1 as Associate in the Nursing upgraded version of Windows 8.

After downloading Windows 8.1, you may get a free time period of fifteen days. Once this era, the software can prompt you to enter the merchandise key. Each time you begin your pc, you may see a dialogue box asking you to produce a Windows 8.1 product key.

A Windows 8 professional product secret is a 25-character code that Microsoft uses to activate your copy of Windows. If you don’t have a serial key, you won’t be ready to activate your OS.

The serial key appears like this:


If you bought Windows, your Windows 8 professional activation key ought to be within your DVD/CD box. If you bought it online as downloadable code, you must have received your key in associate degree email. If you can’t realize it, merely transfer and install a key finder program (here). Run the program to retrieve your Windows key.


  • F B 4 W R – 3 2 N V D – 4 R W 7 9 – X Q F W H – C Y Q G 3
  • 3 3 4 N H – R X G 7 6 – 6 4 T H K – C 7 C K G – D 3 V B T 4
  • N 6 K X J – P 6 Y W Y – 4 C 9 2 Q – J 7 B B B – R 6 X G M 1
  • N G 4 H W – V H 2 6 C – 7 3 3 K W – K 6 F 9 8 – J 8 C K 4
  • X K Y 4 K – 2 N R W R – 8 F 6 P 2 – 4 4 8 R F – C R Y Q H
  • F B 4 W R – 3 2 N V D – 4 R W 7 9 – X Q F W H – C Y Q G 3
  • X K Y 4 K – 2 N R W R – 8 F 6 P 2 – 4 4 8 R F – C R Y Q H
  • R R 3 B N – 3 Y Y 9 P – 9 D 7 F C – 7 J 4 Y F – Q G J X W
  • T K 8 T P – 9 J N 6 P – 7 X 7 W W – R F F T V – B 7 Q P F
  • G Y 3 G 7 –  K 1 A 9 8 – 3 B 6 6 V – P Z 4 9 1 – L J 2 0 E
  • B 1 G T 7 – K 8 0 1 B – M 3 0 B W – L 2 U J Q – P 9 2 A 6
  • S D 5 1 P – L 2 1 V 8 – I 0 X W 6 – M U 7 A 4 – F T 0 A P
  • N B 5 V 2 – 3 3 3 H 8 –  K 0 F C E – I 8 2 G 0 – J J N 7 2

You can use these product keys to activate your Windows 8.1 and enjoy the amazing services Microsoft has embedded in it.